Contract CNC Programming Services in the Bay Area, CA

CNC Programming

We are power users of one of the world's most powerful CAD/CAM softwares- Mastercam

  • Expert 2-1/2D, 3D and multi-axis programming.
  • Solid modeling.
  • Verified programs that work efficiently from the outset.
  • Reliable and comprehensive setup instructions.
  • NC code format that matches what you have, or modify to what you want.
  • If you are a Mastercam user, we can provide you with the entire file, programmed in whatever version you wish, from X3 forward.

Fixture Design & Tooling

Proper workholding is crucial to efficient production.

  • Design from scratch or work in concert with your existing systems.
  • Reliable solutions for production or complex prototyping.
  • 3D model of fixture for your approval prior to developing programs
  • Models for 3D printing

On-Site Availabilty

Do you require training or setup assistance?


  • We may be able to meet with your staff on-site, where there is a special need.
  • Work with your personnel to prove out complex setups.
  • Basic training in Mastercam